Super-talented musician has dropped a new song with some of the biggest ghetto musicians and we can’t get enough of it.

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The jam titled Volume Iko Sawa, which means ‘is the volume okay’ or the corrupted version ‘am I too loud’ especially when you want say something that might upset some people, has been getting a lot of love since it was released.

Maybe you’ve not heard of the upcoming musicians who have been featured in this jam but they are really dope, their names are; Lugeric Nadda, Hycink Mtu Very, Damage, Shaddy, Angellera, Simpo Millennium and TG buoy.

Gilad Millo

Gilad Millo

There are several reasons why I love this jam. The first one is pretty obvious. Gilad really did a good job on the hook, it’s so infectious. Chances are you will master it the first time you listen to this jam.

Secondly, the upcoming musicians from the ghetto r came through on this jam. These youngsters have dope bars and I just wanted to keep listening to them. I was really  impressed by Hycink Mtu Very and Angellera.

The beat on thus jam was also on point. However, this doesn’t really come as a surprise seeing as it was produced by the only Magix Enga.

I loved the video concept. It  really does reflect the ghetto life. The scene transitioning and editing was also dope. Big up to Mike Lolly P.

Watch Volume Iko Sawa below and tell us what you think.


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