Former Tetu MP James Ndungu Gethenji has been picked by police for questioning.

Gethenji was picked by 33 flying squad officers on Friday in Kihingo Village housing estate in Kitisuru, Nairobi.

Police sources said they were investigating claims that he fabricated board minutes for a company.  The company is said to be involved in the long-running property dispute at Kitisuru.

Gethenji is the controlling shareholder of Kihingo Village (Waridi Gardens) Limited and Kihingo Village (Waridi) Management One Limited (KVWGML), which owns the high-end estate.

The former Tetu MP is being taken to CID headquarters in Milimani area for questioning.


Gethenji and managing director Chacha Mabanga had been summoned by the CID on Wednesday but they failed to turn up.

Instead, they sent a lawyer who was rejected by the officers handling the matter.

The two were then told to appear at the headquarters on Thursday morning, but they never showed up again prompting the police to seek a warrant of arrest against them.

It is alleged that six goons brought on Monday to take over the Kihingo clubhouse were arrested on Thursday night and are likely to appear in court on Tuesday. 


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