If your love life leaves a lot to be desired, your job could be responsible for much of that deficit.

In February this year, BusinessToday featured five professions that make it very hard for workers to love. Top on the list was healthcare, journalism, police/military, hospitality, and transport.

Now a new research moves beyond loving to the real action in the bedroom and the results are not both shocking and exciting. The survey by Lelo UK, a sex-toy manufacturer targeting men, has revealed that farmers have the most sex more than any profession, with over 33% claiming to do it at least once a day.

A staggering 67% of the farmers rated their performance in the
bedroom as “incredible,” according to the Lelo study.

Farmers are closely followed by architects, with 21% of them
claiming to make love once a day and hairdressers with 17% saying they also had
sex daily.

Lelo asked 2,000 men and women in the UK about their sex lives as well as their occupation for the survey.

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Sex experts attribute this to the fact that farmers are more
likely to be fitter than desk-bound city dwellers – who work in posh offices –
and therefore have more stamina.

“Even within groups such as professions where there is a lot of similarities, we have to consider that there is a huge amount of individual differences impacting people’s sexuality and sex lives,” sex expert Kate Moyle told the UK Mirror.

Journalist poor in love

“However, what we may expect are some trends, for example, the level of physical activity in a career such as a farmer, rather than someone in an office setting may impact levels of fitness and energy,” she said.

Surprisingly, journalists are the least likely to make love, featuring at the end of the scale — with one-fifth claiming they only had sex once a month. This is surprising given that media people are known to have liberal lifestyles.

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Lawyers also experience problems in the bedroom — 27% of them
admit to faking an orgasm every time they have sex.

“The lifestyle factors of our jobs such as flexibility of working hours and the environment are also likely to have an impact on all our lives not just our sex lives,” Moyle said.

Now have an idea of the causes of their bedroom problems.

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