According to Kenya Railways, the proposed primary planning area is situated within the site containing the Nairobi Central Railway Station, the marshalling yard and the Kenya Railways Pension Scheme Land (Landimawe Estate).

It also stretches to the locomotive and wagons workshops and the section of Nairobi’s Industrial Area that borders the southern boundary of the Nairobi Railway Station.

The development would see Wakulima Market turned into a park while Africa’s largest coffee mill at KPCU would be rehabilitated into a ‘Kenyan Coffee Center’ similar to Terrarosa Yangpyeong in South Korea.

The plan includes the building of a new railway station that allows for the integration of BRT and other public transport modes.

“New central station is designed to be multi-modal hub in CBD ensure the seamless connection among Commuter rail, 3BRTs, Airport Limousine, City bus, and NMT like Bicycle. Truly urban gateway in Nairobi,” the master-plan states.

The Technical University of Kenya which falls in the zone would also be turned into a Techno Research and Development Institute, according to the plan.

The area towards Bunyala Road will be dedicated to Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) facilities.

Towards Landimawe and Industrial Area, the plan is to establish a residential area of around 28,000 people with “Mid, Affordable and Social housing” with a school and a small park.

The new ‘city’ will also have its own police station, fire station and a disaster response center.

There will also be an underground tank to collect rainwater for supply within the proposed development. 


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