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Former Nyakach MP Pollyins Ochieng’ Daima does not regret seeking divine intervention in Uganda for political and financial breakthrough after ‘losing family wealth’.

Kenyans on social media were divided following a video clip that has gone viral showing how the former MP approached a self-proclaimed Ugandan prophet Samuel Kakande to have him reclaim his lost wealth and his Nyakach parliamentary seat.

According to his wife Gorety Auma, when she visited the church earlier for prayers, Mr Kakande revealed a number of issues about her husband, including some sharp pain that has been disturbing Mr Daima for many months.

Ms Auma, who was carrying a file that had photos of her husband, narrated to the congregation how her husband lost properties, including a house and vehicles.

In the clip, she is seen bare feet, seated on a plastic chair and is wearing a red-maroon Kitenge dress.


She was then advised to bring her husband for prayers not only for financial prosperity but also healing on the pain he had on the right side of his body from the hip to the leg.

“Man of God, I will bring him here because whatever you have revealed about him is actually true,” Ms Auma says in the three-minute 40 seconds video clip.

On October 6, the 59-year-old former legislator, dressed in a grey Kaunda suit, would accompany his wife to Kakande Ministries Church in Uganda hoping that his problems would go away.

Mr Daima is said to have lost a house, more than 10 trucks and other vehicles over time and life has not been rosy for him.

“Whatever you revealed about me, including the pain in my right hip and leg, are actually true man of God,” said Mr Daima.

He went on: “I lost a house worth Sh20 million, 10 trucks and a Toyota Prado over time and even now life has become more challenging.”

Mr Kakande then promises to pray for him to achieve all his desires.

Mr Daima termed those spreading the video of his testimony as his political opponents who are not happy that he is now rising from the ashes. “These are just my opponents trying to use this politically to ridicule me. I know I am very popular and when I lost they felt I would never rise again and when this happens they are now afraid,” said Mr Ochieng.

He added: “I do not regret anything I did because I believe in God. My opponents thought I went to seek spiritual powers to win in 2022. I know they are shaking because they are used to seeking black magic to win political seats.”

Mr Ochieng served as Nyakach MP from 2007 to 2013 after he took over from Mr Peter Odoyo.

He was later floored by the current MP Aduma Owuor, now serving his second term.


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