Daring faces behind corruption, nepotism, impunity and harassment in Mombasa county government have been exposed.
Lands and housing county minister Edward Nyale is top in the list of crooked officers accused of stealing millions of shillings from the county government through dirty deals, as a combination of anti-graft agencies spend sleepless nights in a bid to curb the vice.
A host of other staff members from the parking and revenue collection unit, barriers and trade department, traffic unit are also said to have joined the bandwagon in the worrying looting spree that has hit Mombasa county.
Wealthy Nyale according to those in the know immediately activated a habit of demanding money before appending his signature on any approval for any construction with his eyes mainly trained on lucrative deals including apartment constructions.


Further reports indicate that Nyale has turned become an overnight filthy rich individual controlling vast wealth including vehicles, prime plots, apartments as well as a trail of slay queens scrambling for part of his flowing money.
However, it is business as usual in the revenue collection unit where officers attached to barriers are said to be on a get-rich quick competition.
Investigation reveals that they collect money and wire to their respective proxy accounts and some officers have channeled such proceeds to purchasing new houses and a fleet of vehicles.
Another notorious face is Ibrahim Basafa, the director of traffic and parking unit who has selected a team of 30 men from his office code named ‘the bad and the ugly’, purely used in terrorising transporters and private motor vehicles.
Each officer under his command has been designated to seize and clamp at least five vehicles daily and demand a fee of Sh2,000 upon release, meaning the 30 officers record a whopping Sh300,000 daily out of the ill scheme.

Governor Joho and lands county minister Nyale

Basafa is said to be a famous and dreaded face within Mombasa city and its environs and at the moment is said to be owner of three vehicles and concurrently constructing a mansion valued at Sh15 million in Mushomoroniturda.
Kongowea market officer Halima Saratoi is also reported to be notorious, arrogant and corrupt as he invokes the names of big people to protect her empire.
She is working in cahoots with Wazir Sud who ensures that a fleet of trucks she owns dodge charges of offloading whenever they bring goods to Kongowea.
The woman also owns plots within the market where hawkers are forced to contribute Sh200 per individual and pockets a cool Sh160,000 per week from all the 800 hawkers operating at the Kongowea market.
Others are Gilbert Lugwe, Phillip Kenya, Tom Musoka and Madam Mayasa who are known to be collecting Sh200 per hawker and Tuktuk every week in Majengo, Mwembe Tayari and Changamwe.
They are said to be having god fathers who are beneficiaries of the loot, mostly through Mpesa transaction


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