The Capital Markets Authority has announced its participation in the World Investor Week (WIW); a global investor campaign to promote investor education.

During the week, the Authority will conduct a week-long campaign to educate investors on opportunities, rights, responsibilities.

The investor education week will run between 30 September and 6 October.

The authority plans to reach Kenyans through messages on vernacular radio stations and social media. At the same time, CMA will conduct a scavenger hunt to target its online Resource Centre Portal. 

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“The campaign will also provide an opportunity for investors to increase familiarity with the scope of opportunities for investment and build awareness of their rights and responsibilities, to develop stronger resistance to scams,’ said CMA Chief Executive, Mr. Paul Muthaura.

The WIW will add emphasis to CMA’s Investor Awareness Strategy, which has reached over 150,000 people in 34 counties. Moreover, the awareness strategy and WIW will allow CMA to reach both potential capital issues and investor subgroups.

“The Authority is cognizant of the critical role that financial literacy plays in the capital markets to support the mobilization of long-term affordable capital from investors for deployment to performing areas of the economy,” read the press release.


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