Diamond was paid close to 1 billion shillings; 999,673,900 pesa taslim za kiTanzania. By now you know diamond was paid to market a laundry detergent called Nice One and his ex Zari just had to take shots, instead endorsing Kleesoft for free just to spite the man.

But away from all that, the deal which saw Diamond sign on an entire army battalion to escort him to collect his cheque and make the announcement is one of the biggest in the history of endorsement deals in East Africa.

Diamond Platnumz on why he terms himself ‘Simba’

An endorsement deal of 435,090 dollars converts to 45,197,149.20 Kshs. FORTY FIVE MILLION KENYA SHILLINGS! But is it a good deal? Is the company going to get value for their dollars or bang for their buck in business parlance?

Diamond Platnumz announces new business venture. Your mind will be blown!

Well, Diamond Platnumz is the biggest celebrity with cultish following in Tanzania but what is more is that they might experience a spillover effect in neighbouring countries with demand for their product surging. Time will tell but from what I have seen, Diamond Platnumz will definitely give them their monies worth.


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