Ex Ray, who is one half of Rieng hitmakers Boondocks Gang, has a new jam alongside Kawangware Kings and we are so in love with it. Like, really!

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The song titled Raru, which is a Sheng’ word that means ‘tear apart’, has been receiving a lot of airplay on local radio and TV stations since it was released.

Although, it was my first time listening to a jam Kawangware Kings, a group that is made up of Lyn Clint and Kennah Craizy, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Actually, I felt  bad that I discovered them late.

Kawangware Kings

Kawangware Kings

I was particularly impressed with Lyn Clint’s flow. The chap really nailed it in this song and he’s the reason I went to look for other songs by the group, shock on me when I discovered that the have been around for a minute.

His verse on this jam is dope. It goes like, “K.Kings and Boondocks one time, leta rieng twende nayo one time, cheki rieng ana bubble one time, kila time nikuparty one time, Kawangware represented one time, namada hii track juu ki kinanice, leo ni lazima zitararu, cheki vile ngokos wanabanju, hapo clabu watu watapata tabu, we ni babu bila kanzu na manyaru, niko mbanyu na mamamu, cheki manyu wana hamu ya mkwaju…”

As expected, Ex Ray also nailed it. His verse on this jam was too lit. There’s also something about his voice that you’ll immediately know it’s him on a song, even without a video.

The beat for this jam is also on point. As you listen to it, you can visualize people busting moves to it and that’s not a bad thing or is it?

Watch Raru below and tell us what you think.

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