“Anybody who may have appointed him to NLC might have been either fought through the gun or blind folded,” he said.

He added, “Kazungu Kambi remains one of the most corrupt Cabinet Secretary to have ever been appointed and one whose even education cannot be traced. He is totally unfit for any national appointment or any seat at all”.

Atwoli said there are so many respectable Kenyans including from the coast region who would have been considered for an appointment other than Kazungu Kambi if by any chance his selection was based on the need for regional balance and representation of the Coast region.

“COTU (K) demands for an explanation from The Government particularly National Intelligence Service, NIS to have recommended Kambi for vetting when we as the umbrella body for workers in Kenya presented a full dozier on Kambi’s behavior while he was at the helm of The Ministry of Labour,” he said.

According to Atwoli, azungu Kambi is a man that has openly declared that he learnt corruption and it works for him and has publicly admitted, and no doubt he is extremely corrupt.

He said the short stay Kazungu Kambi was in charge of the Ministry of Labour is when National Social security Fund, NSSF lost billions and billions of money through projects such as construction of Hazina Towers and other 6 projects  whose tenders were irregularly awarded to one contractor.

“At the same time Kazungu Kambi initiated a non-existing NSSF project at Tassia, where the fund could have lost Kshs.5.03 billion. Kindly save us from Kazungu Kambi’s huge appetite for public funds and save thousands of Kenyans,” he said.


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