Former Youth Enterprise and Development Fund boss Evans Gor Semelang’o has been committed to civil jail for 30 days after failing to pay a debt of Sh3.6 million.

Mr Semelangó, who was brought before the deputy registrar of the High Court under a warrant of arrest, had failed to pay lawyer George Miyare of Atonga Miyare & Associates Advocates for representing him in a case.

Mr Semelangó had filed an application in March seeking to quash the warrant of arrest, but the law firm told the court it was one of his attempts to delay the payment without valid reasons. He sought to set aside the warrant, arguing that he was vying for the chairmanship of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the warrant would jeopardise his chances.

He also argued that he was a law-abiding citizen, a public figure having served at a State corporation. But the law firm argued that the application was an abuse of the court process and a bid to circumvent previous decisions.

On Wednesday, the court directed that he be escorted to Industrial Area Prison where he is to spend one month unless he pays the amount plus interest, which has accrued since December 2016 when the decree was issued by Deputy Registrar EM Mburu.

Immediately the decree was made in 2016, Mr Semelangó filed an application before the High Court seeking to overturn the decision. But Justice Roselyn Aburili, who heard the application in 2017, said: “There is absolutely no ground upon which the advocate should not be given his just dues, having followed due process.”


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