We have been waiting for Khaligraph Jones to drop the third Khali Cartel rap cypher and ladies and gentlemen we were not ready for what he had in store.

He has brought out new talent. Silverstone Barz, the girl who has been introduced to us has killed the third verse and now we can say the rap game has some sick and talented female rappers.

Reckless and Breeder LW have given the rap game some lit Swahili verses and the dramatic end of the video brings in Chiwawa.

He was a pioneer in the game but he went away for a while and from his verse, he says there are a lot of problems for him. He was giving up on his talent because there is no money in music. If it was not for his fans he would have been done.

‘He made a mistake!’ Andrew Kibe disappointed by Khaligraph Jones

He mentions certain people who want to take advantage of both him and his money and it’s supposedly making the rap game suck.

Kiss100 gives it up to Khaligraph Jones for always making the rap game in Kenyan amazing and now for recruiting new talent with his project, Khali Cartel.

Enough of my description just watch the 10-minute video:

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