A boda boda operator has died after he was hit by a speeding police Land Cruiser near Subira Guesthouse, Hindi town, Lamu West. 

Mwangi  Dorcas,  38-year-old father of four, succumbed to injuries on Sunday at  King Fahad Hospital in Lamu town. 

The driver of the Land Cruiser, who has since been arrested, is said to have fled the scene shortly after the accident. He has only been identified as police Constable Rono attached to the Mokowe police station. 

Residents said he appeared to have been drunk at the time of the accident but police denied that.

Angry residents and fellow boda boda operators have accused the driver of reckless driving leading to the death of their colleague who was heading home after work.

“We saw the police vehicle come from behind and right into his motorbike. The officer saw what happened and didn’t even bother to stop and help rush him to hospital and he fled instead. He was struggling to even keep the vehicle on focus and kept making many false turns,” Hindi boda boda operator John Mbugua said. 

Lamu county commander Muchangi Kioi said the officer is expected to be charged Monday/today with murder by careless diring and hit and run.

Kioi condemned the accident but said it was not deliberate, calling on residents to stop spreading false rumours.

“Those who are claiming the driver was drunk or that he was new on the road, all these are lies. He committed a crime and that’s hitting a someone and running away. He will be arraigned for murder by careless driving,” he said.

He warned drivers to be cautious while driving on the Lamu-Garsen road which is currently under construction. 

Edited by R.Wamochie 


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