Not long ago, shaving one’s hair was a simple affair. All you had to do was show up at a kinyozi, which was usually located under a tree in the hood.
The old mzee running the kinyozi would then work on you for an hour and charge Sh20 for the service.
Those days, the tools of trade were a manual shaving machine, a flywhisk and baby powder to tame the sharp edges of the machine as he shaved around the chin or while making the ‘cut’ on the forehead.
Things have changed dramatically and shaving business has gone a notch higher with the arrival of elite barbershops that charge an arm and a leg to shave the little hair on your chin and almost bald head.
A recently launched barbershop in the heart of Utawala has taken things to another level and is now the talk of the town, not only for its looks, but also the quality service its provides.
Dubbed Millionhairs, the barbershop has its entrance designed from a truck head, complete with headlights, side mirrors and even its doors wide open.

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The interior is breathtaking with a gorgeously designed ceiling made of pricey gypsum in different shades of color that glow during the day and night.
The expansive room completes its swanky look with costly leather seats on both sides facing large designer mirrors. At the far end is a king chair for clients to relax as they wait their turn for a free aftershave massage.
On the left side of the room is a shelf full of the best quality whiskey and brandy including Jameson, Hennessy, Jack Daniels and Amarula among other sophisticated brands for those who wish to sip. Teetotalers get a free cup of tea, coffee or a glass of juice.

The barbershop is a brainchild of Collins Orupto who wanted to beat his competition in design and returns.
“I looked around and realized that almost all barbershops had similar looks, so I went for this design to offer clients something different and of high quality,” Orupto told CityBiz.
“Our mission is to communicate that your head treatment is equally important to us.”
The unique design cost Orupto an estimated Sh4 million. He says that when the barbershop opened its doors, it took some time for things to pick up.
But from the second month onwards, he has had consistent clients flocking in, with the highest numbers recorded on weekends. In a good day, Orupto makes a five figure profit.
At the moment, the entrepreneur has employed 11 professional barbers offering a range of services including manicures and pedicures.
A full shave here costs Sh400 for men, which the businessman believes is pocket-friendly, considering the quality of services offered. Women part with an extra Sh100 for a shave.
“Our clients step out of here feeling satisfied and that’s our ultimate goal,” he says.
Emanuel, the Chief barber at Millionhairs says the drinks served are an after-sale service meant “to make clients feel at home.”

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