Ian Duncan is among the leading entrants for next weekend’s Chloride Exide-sponsored Hill Climb competition in Naivasha.

Duncan is a multiple winner of numerous awards in motorsport activities ranging from motocross, sprint events, autocross and major rounds of the Kenya National Rally Championship, starts among the favourites.

Also to have confirmed entry are father and daughter of Tim and Sayanna Jessop, Young siblings of Peter Young, Chantel and Zane among others. So far, 23 drivers have entered the event in various categories.

Those who had confirmed earlier include Frank Tundo, Kunal Patel, Nazir Verjee, Zain Verjee, Sameer Nanji, Rajveer Thethy, Mark Glen and Wayne Fernades among others.

“We are looking forward to this year’s Powerlast Hill climb. The event combines speed, skills, drama and adventure,” said event’s director Devan Jadeja.

The competitors will test their skills on the 3km stretch to try and achieve the highest speeds on the uphill stretch.

The stretch starts from the bottom of a hill at 1900m to the top at 2200m, testing the drivers’ abilities to see who can drive fastest uphill on a course with a mixture of sharp bends and corners.

Machines ranging from ordinary rally cars to buggies and motorcycles will be the centre of attraction as the event promises thrills. Malewa Bay, situated on Moi North Lake road within outskirts of Naivasha, will host the competition. The competition stretch has been graded to make sure competitors are able to achieve the highest speeds.


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