Rebellion is brewing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where an ugly tag of war between CS Monica Juma and PS Macharia Kamau has given birth to unprecedented changes including chopping off some privileges for diplomatic staff.

The ministry has abolished overseas per diem rates and training subsistence allowances for its diplomatic staff as one of austerity measures.

Weekly Citizen has established an existence of two warring camps within the sensitive docket with reports that junior officers are divided between Monica and her PS Macharia who is controlling the other camp determined to ensure her ouster.


The besieged CS and her group are in the school of thought Macharia is vehemently calculating for her removal out of the lucrative office through set ups that have always left Monica with an egg on the face.

Inside sources indicate that the rival group has resorted to celebrating every failure encountered by CS Monica in the line of duty and the most recent one was a case in Japan when she did not mobilize to have President Uhuru Kenyatta address the Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICADVII).

Firebrand trade unionist Francis Atwoli who attended the event was quick to discredit Madam Monica over her failure to ensure President Kenyatta addressed the important conference.

The embarrassment played despite the fact that Kenya had just hosted the TICAD VI forum in 2018 and therefore President Kenyatta was perceived to be a prominent figure at the event.

The evident bad blood between the two went a notch higher following the release of a circular announcing that the ministry will no longer facilitate the lucrative foreign trips for diplomats, heads of directorates, departments, divisions and units.

This plays amidst claims of grave favouristism in promotions, deployment especially in foreign missions.


It has emerged that for months now, there have been complaints in the posting of career diplomats and ironically some are quickly sent on retirement while others who have attained mandatory retirement age are ageing disgracefully in missions abroad.

A letter dated September 6, 2019 and signed by PS Kamua reads in part ‘’ It’s the decision of the government that effective September 1, 2019, officers going on sponsored activities either locally or abroad will no longer be entitled to quarter per diem’’.

Weekly Citizen has learnt that CS Monica chaired a tension packed meeting bringing together all heads of political directorates and the new unfamiliar changes are just some of the issues that took center stage at the meeting.


Under the new changes that are now fueling ranging storm within the ministry, the traveller is only allowed one fourth of the allowance for each period of six hours of fraction thereof and where meals are provided, the amount of the per diem is reduced.

For now, it’s a what and see situation at the sensitive ministry given the current war between the two top officials even as President Kenyatta is said to be planning to crack a whip anytime soon  as a permanent solution to the ugly scenario.





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