Multimedia University students have blocked Magadi Road in protest after a vehicle hit and seriously injured their colleague last week.

The injured student is admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital in critical condition.

The rioting students Monday blamed the police for not acting after the first year student was hit by a matatu at the university’s main entrance.

The students also claim that matatus belonging to the Ongataline sacco have been overcharging them and that their crew have also been harassing them.


“We would like to warn Ongataline that this is the last time they will be harassing us. You cannot tell us the fare is 50 bob then later change to 100 bob and if we refuse to pay the 100 bob you make us alight the vehicle before reaching our destination,” one of the protesting students said.

Motorists using the busy road were Monday morning left stranded as anti-riot police attempted to disperse the protesters.

The officers threw teargas at the students who in turn retaliated by hurling stones at them.


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