Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amb. Monica Juma says the Kenyan Embassy in South Africa is in close contact with the government to ensure the safety of Kenyans and protection of their property in the wake of recent xenophobic attacks against non-nationals in several places in South Africa.

According to tweets by the CS, the embassy reports in hand indicated two Kenyans were affected and their property destroyed.

” We welcome the strong condemnation of these attacks by the Government of South Africa and hope that the ethos and values of Pan Africanism will prevail over narrow nationalisms, and be the bonds that glue us together, as African brothers and sisters.” She said.

Meanwhile, the Kenya High Commissioner to South Africa, Amb. Jean Kamau says they have reached out to the affected individuals but also cautioned those working to monitor the situation and safeguard their security.

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At the sametime, the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is condemning the violence.

The violence and tension are seemingly spreading into other parts of the continent, leading to displacement of helpless people, damage and loss of property as well as sources of livelihoods; and ultimately the loss of precious lives of our fellow African citizens.

The President of the Pan-African Parliament Roger Nkodo Dang, in a press release Thursday called for calm and dialogue in the most earnest way possible to iron out the tensions that have the potential of undermining peace efforts, drowning not only the economy of the affected countries, but the whole continent.

“ As the Representation of African People, the Pan-African Parliament condemns in the strongest terms, the attacks of Africans by fellow Africans and wishes to convey deepest condolences to all families that have lost their beloved ones.” he said.

As PAP, Nkodo said that the nature of the problem calls for all African Leaders to reflect on the real problems that affect ordinary citizens and that may spiral into uncontrollable revolt if not addressed and contained in time.

“These attacks have the potential to reverse all the gains made by the continent to date and must be seriously addressed to avoid further damage.”

The PAP, Nkodo said is advising stakeholders to ensure that the source of the tensions is confronted as a matter of urgency, and that permanent peace and stability are restored in the affected countries.

They have also urged Citizens to uphold the tenets of Human Rights by continuously showing respect for human dignity, belief in human equality, as well as appreciation of diversity, which is an asset that the rest of the world appreciates about Africa. Meanwhile the Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat has also condemned the on-going xenophobic violence in South Africa.

Mahamat has called for immediate steps to protect the lives of people and their property, and ensure that all perpetrators are brought to account for their acts, and that justice be done to those who suffered economic and other losses.

In a statement Thursday, the Chairperson reiterated “the African Union’s Commission is committed to support the South African government in addressing the root causes that led to the erupted violence, in order to promote peace and stability, within the framework of the African Union’s longstanding principles of continental solidarity.”

South African police on Monday arrested dozens of people following widespread looting and protests in the transport industry linked to a wave of anti-foreigner sentiment.

At least 70 people have been arrested since hundreds of people marched through Johannesburg’s Central Business District (CBD) earlier on Monday, plundering shops and torching cars and buildings, the police said in a statement.

The unrest started on Sunday when an old building in the CBD caught fire and collapsed, killing at least three people.

Such violence breaks out sporadically in South Africa, where many nationals blame immigrants for high unemployment, particularly in manual labour.

South Africa is a major destination for economic migrants from the southern Africa region, with many moving from neighbouring Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in search for work.


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