Pastor Godfrey Migwi has revealed that he recently interacted with the besieged Pastor Nganga and he has hit rock bottom.

“I met Apostle Nganga yesterday some minutes to 6 am yesterday on my way to Royal Media services, we met at Total petrol station, Hurlingham opp Silver Spring’s Hotel, we both took coffee in that coffee shop at the petrol station, we both shook hands and he was in a hurry, but those minutes we talked I discovered this is not the same Pastor Nganga from Mombasa who relocated to Nairobi.

Pastor Migwi added, “I noticed he’s fighting depression and stress, I pitied him as a son to his father in matters of the years he has lived here under the sun. Remember being apostle, good preacher or fake that doesn’t bother me because that’s not my duty to judge, in heaven there’s God who will judge everybody under the sun and every kneel shall bow and everyone will answer his own question in the judgement day.”

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He then advised the Neno Evangelism founder, “My advice to you Mr Nganga, you need to see a doctor a psychiatrist, you need a counsellor and I can offer that for free, you need someone who can advise you how to manage your anger I respect you as my father, your age is the same of my father in the village lived 69 years on this earth is a plus and you deserve respect.”

Adding, “Many have mocked you but I will never. I will just give free advice for sake of your life, even the strongest 💪 sometimes are weak na ni vizuri kukumbali.

As I respect my biological father same way I respect you not because you preach but as an elder, if you allow me I will make sure you attend a psychiatrist and professional counsellor for counselling sessions before you break down, as I saw you yesterday I can tell things are not well, cars, names, clothes can deceive someone and think all is well, so before your mind block down completely take my advice.

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But as a preacher, I know you started preaching in Mombasa early 1992 and in your heydays, you inspired many but nowadays as the leader, you’re not able to manage your anger and to let go.

For me, I started August 1997 so in matters of experience in the ministry I still have the experience to lead and I know you know that, so please hear me and you will recover but avoid these dramas in the church and outside the church.

My last advice allow others in the ministry to help you, in the church you’re the praise worship leader, at the same time you’re instrumentalist and sound technician, you said you’re neno that’s means you’re all in all in the ministry of Neno hio kazi ni mingi sana, nakwambia kama Jethero aliviomwabia musa gawa hii kazi ni ngumu sana kwako, watoto wako wakuhitaji, your wife needs you.

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