Samuel Mwangi, 36

I began working as a caretaker of a real estate property in Malindi and was in that line for two years.

When the owner decided to put the property on sale in 2012, I by default acted as an agent by doing diligence search for buyers, visiting lawyers and familiarising myself with all that comes with the land selling process.
I became a real estate agent from then. Though the sector may seem lucrative, it has its own share of problems and not everyone who invests in it ends up making good money.
Lack of a quick market can see a unit take long to sell; investors are sometimes forced to make discounts to attract buyers.

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During low seasons, it can take up to six months to sell a single unit. More, one has to contend with receiving inquiries and making no sales as prospective buyers say the price is too high.
And ours being a consumer market, it is hard to see many prospective homeowners taking loans owing to low income levels, with many resigned to being tenants.
The trick for a real estate agent to stay relevant is how quickly they get a buyer and earn commission from both sides.  

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