Fairmont The Norfolk brings you an African Art Exhibition Week which begun on Thursday 25th July and will run until Friday, 4th August. The event themed African Inspirations curated by Lisa Chistoffersen showcases unique collections of rare and valuable tribal art, available for purchase.

The exhibition invites art and design lovers to appreciate different Kenya’s rich diversity through rare pieces of paintings, carvings, and artifacts hosted on the hotel’s Cin Cin Lounge. Additionally, it offers art exhibitors an opportunity to display their work and content. The art will perfectly offset the bar’s blend of early 1900s British design with modern art influences providing a perfect blend of different timelines and cultures.

Fairmont as a brand has a history connected to the art scene across the globe and they are proud to contribute to the growth of the local arts. Axel Hauser, General Manager, Fairmont The Norfolk commented: “The importance of art in preserving the culture of a society cannot be overlooked. That is why we are hosting this event; to showcase different works of art that communicate diverse aspects of our life and society. The event is an opportunity not only for Kenyan artists to showcase their works of art, but also to treat guests to local heritage, offering a home away from home.”

The event opened on Thursday 25th July and it will run until 4th August.


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