Celebrated Tanzanian musician Aslay is clearly  another force to reckon with when it comes to music. This time he is gracing us with a new jam titled “wife”.

Among the many bongo artists Aslay has managed to remain relevant even with few set backs here and there. He was among the once famed boy band group Yamoto band.

Unfortunately after three years of success as a band the group had a fall out . The reason behind the break up is not clear yet.Though they opted to go as solo artists and so far so good.


In this jam the RnB bongo star decided to marvel us with his  lyrical prowess.Wife is a love song done by a man bound to appreciate his wife.

He starts of by praising her,Wife wee, wife material, Kipenda roho Chekecha, weka kwa chujio maneno yao.

Basically, he is reminding his wife that she is the one and that to the nay sayers she should brush them off.

Am sure you are wondering what Chujio means , in this context the singer metaphorically is talking about filtering out negativity. That is if she wants to be happy as a wife.

Further, Aslay goes on to remind us that love is a beautiful thing.


The song was produced under Shirko Media of Tanzania and directed by Joowizey. The visuals to the song are very Scenic providing the needed atmosphere and conceptualization. The models too are a good addition to the song. In coporation with dance to bring out the upbeat of the song adds the beauty to it.

The video was shot in South Africa.Well, he did a good job for this production.

For rating I will go for a 6/10.Watch it below and tell us what you think.



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