Police stations will be established in every ward in Kenya as part of police reforms, Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has said.

The stations at the ward level will work closely with the community policing units to fight criminal activities across the country.

Mutyambai said this will be part of plans to be outlined for implementation in the last leg of the reforms.

The IG said a single police command structure will be established at the grassroots for maximum security provision to the public.

“We are rolling out the last part of the reforms in order to give the best-policing services,” Mutyambai said.

He spoke at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu on Monday when he met police commanders from the Nyanza region.

The meeting discussed the progress of some of the new policies concerning traffic operations and the areas that can be reviewed.

The IG said the reforms are in line with the Constitution and the devolved system of governance.

He expressed satisfaction with his recent directive to reduce the number of traffic checks on major highways noting that the response from Kenyans was massive and positive.

“The traffic within the country is now flowing freely as a result of the directive,” Mutyambai said.

He denied reports of increased accidents as a result of the removal of roadblocks in the country.

The police boss said that realignment of the traffic operations has saved Kenyans time.

“I have streamlined the traffic issues and the floor is smooth all the way from Busia to Nairobi. Roadblocks have been minimised,” he said

He said roadblocks should only be mounted where necessary with the sole motive of ensuring the security of Kenyans.

Mutyambai directed police commanders especially at the borders to intensify patrol to ensure illegal goods are not smuggled into the country.

He commended the police in Nyanza region for the improved security and assured them of support.

“Security is a collective responsibility and police should work closely with citizens to fight criminal activities in their midst,” Mutyambai said.

He noted that crime rates have reduced. 

“I have taken the initiative to determine the number of stock of guns we have in the national police service,” he added.

He said police have partnered with the local leadership to form an integrated single unit among various communities to curb insecurity.

“We are working on plans to deploy national police reservists who will be under the command of a police officer,” Mutyambai said. 

Nyanza regional police commander Vincent Makokha who accompanied the IG hailed the national government for revamping the Kisumu port.

Makokha said the port once operational will help in creating jobs to the youth who occasionally resort to violence.

(edited by O. Owino)


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